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Do you need to create or expand your technology team but you don’t want to deal with hiring, international payments, recruiting, training, etc.? Bufalo provides a global talent network, ready to dive fully into your company or project. We help you create or extend your team with dedicated remote professionals.

How does it work?

    You have a problem or need:

    1) Do you need to have your technological team or extend your team?

    2) Are you looking for a professional or IT team that adapts to your needs, technology and methodology? Are you also looking for flexibility?

    3) Do you prefer not to deal with recruiting?

    4)Do you need speed in hiring and onboarding?


Let’s begin

Tell us specifically what you need, we define each team member’s profile and we make sure that you get the best candidates to your team immediately.

We work together

You already have your team formed and working on your projects. We get in charge of training so that they can improve, we also get in charge of maintaining a fluid communication, giving constant feedbacks, monitoring, testing and everything you need to have the company engine working better every day.


Custom Software Development

We have an extensive experience in developing software for all kinds of needs and projects. We cover a wide technological stack, from web development to mobile. We help you from the moment you come up with the idea, your strategy, the analysis, the development and the support. We bring your ideas into life and make them true. We get fully involved in each step of development and we help you to make it real.

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Global talent
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Benefits for your company

We are fully involved in each phase of development and work together to make it happen.

Our Projects

Build your digital team

You need to create or expand your technology team and you don't want to deal with hiring, international payments, recruiting, training, you've come to the right place.


We are your global IT partner

We do not believe in geographical limits, we are a 100% global and remote team, doing real projects from all over the world, no matter where you are, we can help you.

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