About Us

From Bufalo we provide a network of global talent, ready to fully immerse yourself in your company or your project.

Our purpose

Facilitate and bring to each client high-value technological solutions

Bufalo is founded with the aim of facilitating and delivering technological solutions with high value to each of our customers. We create global professional teams, with the aim of working together with our customers so as to help them develop technological solutions with high value.

why are we here

Who we are

We are a global team of professionals who, for more than ten years now, believe that we can change the world by bringing closer, facilitating and providing technological solutions. 

We were born with the need of delivering technology to each of our customers by shortening the path towards it and providing technological solutions adapted according to the needs of every customer and moment.

What we offer

What we do

    We provide IT services from LATAM to the whole world.

    We develop custom software and create remote systems with the best IT talent from LATAM.

    We make the onboarding to each project quick and simple.

    We guarantee that you have a team of professionals or IT development available without risks or technical difficulties to you.


We work together with our clients to help them extend their teams by providing them with high-quality IT services

They trust in BUFALO

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We are a global team that knows about IT solutions

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We are your global IT partner

We do not believe in geographical limits, we are a 100% global and remote team, doing real projects from all over the world, no matter where you are, we can help you.

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