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100% custom software development

STIB is an Argentinian company which provides services. When STIB contacted us, its main challenge was to order all the company information in a system in which they have visibility and data order, shape the internal logistics of the company and develop a wide range of tools so as to improve its management.

Our job
  • We develop an internal system that covers all the company areas. This system enables STIB to have a 360 view of everything that happens in the company, allowing also to have reports in real time, complete records, administration of the internal communication of the team members and many more complementary functionalities and tools.

  • We have also developed a mobile app with multiple functionalities that enables it to manage certain company areas and activities.

The result

With our work STIB has been able to have order and optimization of its data, systematize processes, control and manage the internal areas and communication. They have been able to have everything needed for their business to work optimally and orderly in one system without losing any records, with information and reports in real time. It has been able to scale its business, simplify and facilitate operations with full control with cutting-edge software tools.


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